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Moesson International

€ 60,00 (inclusief btw 9%)

Starting January 2021: Moesson International, a quarterly in english.

Moesson has been thé magazine for the Indo community in the Netherlands (and abroad) since 1956. Tjalie Robinson (alias of Jan Boon 1911-1974) started the magazine to give a voice to the Indo community in the Netherlands. The magazine started as Onze Brug, was then named Tong Tong and renamed Moesson in 1978. 

65 years now the magazine has shared the history and stories of the Indo European community and continues to do so. Moesson is a mindstyle magazine, by and for Indo's, the more and less famous, wih articles about books, music, politics, sports, culture, Indonesia and of course food.

For those Indo's abroad who are interested in their cultural heiritage, but would also like to read about what everyone else is up to, Moesson is a must read. And now it will be available in english!

The first Moesson International will come out January 2021. It is a quarterly which will contain the best articles of the dutch Moesson and new articles written by Indo's from communities in other countries, such as the USA, Australia, Indonesia, etc. 


Want to subscribe? Please send us an email: 

You can choose between three different subscriptions: 

The paper edition: 84 pages, four times a year: € 60,-

The digital edition:  you will receive your quarterly in the mail to read it on your tablet, laptop or smartphone: € 25,-

Paper + digital: you will receive both the paper and digital editions: € 75,-

When you subscribe, we will send you a payment link in the mail so you can pay for your subscription by credit card. 



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